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Artyst H1 "Low-Vibration" PMU Machine, 7-Point Review Vs. The Microbeau Bellar

Don't buy the Artyst H1 until you read this complete review. The H1 has strengths and weaknesses we explain below. If you decide to buy the H1, make sure to scroll to the bottom and get our discount code for 5% off.

What makes a good PMU machine?

A good PMU machine needs to have:

  1. Quality manufacturing and durability so that it is reliable and lasts a long time
  2. A powerful motor capable of a wide range of strokes per second for different shading and pixel density
  3. A good machine stroke length -- machine stroke length is the total length the needle moves during each motor rotation. The needle should move far enough each rotation to lift the needle out of the skin so that you minimize trauma when penetrating through thicker epidermis
  4. Minimal vibration for smoother lines and less stress on your hand
  5. Good weight -- not too heavy, but enough weight to easily puncture the skin without a lot of hand-pressure and enough weight to keep the machine stable
  6. Inexpensive replacement needles

Let's break down each of these for the H1, step by step.

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In each section, we will compare the Artyst "Low-Vibration" H1 to the Microbeau Bellar

Both the H1 and the Bellar target similar techniques -- e.g. Nano hairstrokes, all Powder & Ombre techniques, Eyeliner and lash enhancement techniques, Lip techniques, and Scalp.

The Artyst H1 and the Microbeau Bellar are also comparable in size, price, and features.

Comparing both will make it easier for you to put the H1's features and performance in perspective.

What Comes In The Package?

When you open the box, you get:

  1. The Artyst H1 machine (aka the handpiece)
  2. A needle cartridge
  3. A handpiece tray for placing the machine on when you need to put the machine down
  4. A handpiece cover for hygiene and safety. Of course, you'll need to buy more than the one handpiece cover that's included in the box. Artyst sells extras on their website, or you can buy them on your own. If you buy them on your own, the manual recommends you buy handpiece covers with a diameter of 20 to 27 mm, or a sleeve width of approx. 30 to 45 mm.

The power unit to power the H1 is sold separately.

As of this writing, the cost of the H1 by itself is $1,298. The power unit is an extra $330. So your total cost for a machine and power supply is $1,628.

However, like the Bellar, there are packages available that include the handpiece, power supply 3 starter colors, and a nano needle, for $1,549.

For comparison, a Microbeau Bellar has the option to buy a complete set for $1,329 to $1,599.

Off the bat, the H1 is more expensive than the Bellar. However, we feel that the H1 has a major advantage that might make it worth the price for specific permanent makeup artists. (To skip to that, jump to the section about "Machine Vibration".)

Factor #1: Manufacturing quality

We LOVE ❤❤ the quality of the H1.

The device is made in Germany out of premium grade aluminum.

German quality engineering and production

ARTYST is a subsidiary of the German company MT.DERM, the LARGEST MANUFACTURER IN THE WORLD of permanent makeup & tattoo machines.

MT.DERM claims they've put 20 years of their PMU & Tattoo machine manufacturing and design expertise into making the H1. We believe it.

However, we feel that the H1 and the Bellar have similar build quality. The Bellar is made here in the United States by Microbeau (a subsidiary of FK Irons). Both are excellent manufacturers.

Our grade for Manufacturing quality: A+

Factor #2: Motor stroke length

The H1's motor has a 2 mm stroke length

That's a good length. Only .1 millimeters shorter than the Bellar by Microbeau. (Source:, Accessed January 19, 2021)

The H1 has Adjustable needle penetration from .5 mm to 3.5 mm

That's not as wide a range as the Bellar. The Bellar has a larger range of 0 mm to 4 mm.

However, we feel that the H1's penetration range is more appropriate for successful application of permanent makeup.

Can you really benefit from needle penetration lower than .5 mm?

The thinnest part of the epidermis on the entire body is in the eyelid. The epidermis there is .5 mm. (Source:, Accessed January 19, 2021) Since we always place our pigment in the dermis, a penetration less than .5 mm won't reliably reach the dermis on any part of the body.

And penetration above 3.5 mm could be dangerous (placing pigment too deep into the skin).

That's why we feel the H1's needle penetration range is in the perfect sweet spot for consistent successful application of pigment at the right depth and to minimize injury.

Still, we're giving the H1 an A (instead of an A+) because while .5 mm is shallow enough for 99.9% of clients, it might be useful if the H1 could drop below the .5 mm needle depth for clients with unusually thin skin.

Our grade for Motor stroke length: A

Factor #3: Vibration (this is where the H1 stars 🔥🔥)

The H1's vibration has been measured at a MAXIMUM vibration of only 2.5 meters per second squared. THAT'S JUST 1/4TH THE NATURAL WEIGHT OF THE DEVICE!

In the next section we'll explain why this low vibration energy is GREAT for Nano machine strokes.

Unfortunately, the Bellar doesn't publish vibration numbers, so we can't compare the H1's vibration to the Bellar. But we do know that Artyst REDUCING VIBRATION is one of the main goals of the H1. And we have multiple Bellars as well as the H1, and we prefer the H1 for machine strokes because of less vibration.

Our grade for Machine vibration: A+

Factor #4: Weight

To explain the vibration numbers above, we need to talk about the H1's weight.

The H1 by itself weighs just 85 grams. That's 10% lighter than a deck of cards. (Very light) However, the Bellar is slightly lighter still -- about 3 grams lighter.

But remember, the H1's strength is its low vibration.

After you attach the cable, the H1 weighs 105 grams -- that's about the same as a stack of 20 nickels. The extra 20 grams is actually good. The H1 is not too light, so you don't need to apply a lot of extra pressure to penetrate the skin easily. It's also heavy enough to make it easy to control as it strikes the skin.

Enough about weight...Just how light is the vibration on the Artyst H1?

Remember the H1 vibrates with ONLY one-fourth of its weight. What does that mean?

To understand, I need you to find a triple-A battery and hold it in your hand.

Feel how light a AAA battery is? At only 85 grams, the 1/4 weight vibration of the H1 feels lighter than holding that Triple-A battery.

Less vibration tug means you get smoother lines for techniques like machine strokes.

Our grade for Weight: A+

Factor #5: Motor power

The H1 motor seems to operate at around 4 watts

Motor wattage helps us estimate the power of the motor. For example, the Bellar operates at 5 Watts. Thus, from pure electrical specifications, the Bellar's motor seems to be about 25% stronger.

However, the smaller motor on the H1 may also be what allows the H1 to have such a small vibration. So it's a trade-off. Less vibration means smoother, natural nano hairstrokes. But to get less vibration, it looks like they've decided to use a slightly less powerful motor.

Is the H1 motor powerful enough? We can tell you that we've been using the H1 for a few weeks now, and we have ZERO complaints about the motor power of the H1 for Nano brows.

Our grade for Motor power: A-

Factor #6: Motor strokes per second range

The NR1 power unit that drives the H1 is capable of operating the H1 at 9 different speed levels.

Speed setting #1 delivers 50 strokes per second. And the fastest speed setting #9 delivers 150 strokes per second. That's a ratio across the range of 1x - 3x. For example, if divided evenly, that would be: 50 per second, 61 per second, 72 per second, 83 per second, 94 per second, 105 per second, 116 per second, 127 per second, 138 per second, 150 per second. (But please check the manual, or test it yourself manually, because the actual increments may not be divided evenly. Those 9 stages are provided for illustration purposes only.)

Unfortunately, we couldn't find similar numbers for the Bellar.

Our grade for Motor strokes per second: A

Factor #7: Needle cartridge price and selection

Artyst's website has a selection of only the most common needle sizes and arrangements. Artyst explains that the limited selection of needles helps keep needle costs lower.

The Artyst website has: magnums, nano-needles, micro-needles, liners, etc. But the website doesn't have common arrangements such as round liners, curved and angled magnums.

A 10-pack of cartridges retails on the Artyst site for between $38 to $55 or about $4 - $6 per needle. That is cheaper than some machines with cartridge prices as much as $15 per needle. However, H1's cartridges are still expensive compared to cartridges available for the Bellar -- for example, Kwadron cartridges can sell for as cheap as $1.50 per cartridge.

Also, depending on what range of needle arrangements you're used to using, you might feel that the H1's selection is limited.

Nevertheless, we've been happy with the H1's needle selection because we mainly use the H1 for Nano brows.

Our grade for Needle cartridge price & selection: B-

Conclusion: The H1 is a great machine for precise, smooth, and crisp Nano hairstrokes (or if you need a machine that vibrates less), but the H1 has weaknesses

The Bellar and the H1 are similar in many ways. But, the Bellar has a stronger motor, a wider selection of needles, and a lower price.

Overall, we feel that the Bellar is a better general-purpose PMU machine.

However, the soft vibration of the H1 makes it easy to get great results for Nano hairstrokes.

If you do a lot of Nano brows, or want an easy way to get better Nano results, we recommend the H1. The reduced vibration lets you fight less with the machine and get crisp, smooth strokes, closely packed together.

If you do decide to purchase an Artyst H1, we have a promo code (code: portia5) for 5% OFF! To purchase your Artyst H1, use this link. And don't forget to use the code!


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If you do decide to purchase an Artyst H1, we have a promo code (code: portia5) for 5% OFF! To purchase your Artyst H1, use this link. And don't forget to use the code!